Erik, Dale, and the Mine

Erik sat on  boulder. A wet, very pointy boulder.  He was not exactly thrilled with the way the day had gone.

“Maybe if we turn back and try a right at the last intersection?” Dale offered his insight.

Erik did not know if he wanted to reply.  When the two entered the old mine, Dale was so confident that he knew the paths inside and out.  Now they were deep within the earth with little food, little light and little patience.

“I’m sorry about this, Erik,” Dale said, the humiliation in his voice not missed.

“Hey, you know, it happens. Almost exclusively in bad movies, but it happens,” Erik said.  He pulled himself off the boulder, willing himself to a more positive outlook on the awful situation. “Now, let’s get out of,” Erik started. A noise from deeper within the cavern interrupted.

“What was that?” Dale asked.  The tone was deep, rhythmic, and growing louder.

“Maybe it’s rescue?” Erik pondered.  He looked down the winding path of the mine and wondered if even he believed the words he said.

“Maybe it’s our doom. We have to backtrack now,” Dale said.

“One of us is right then.  I say we head to the sound,” Erik said.

“No. No. No way. No,” Dale’s speech was frantic as he backed away from the unknown sound and from his friend.

“Fine. You go back the way we’ve been trying.  I’ll go to the noise.  When I’m free, I’ll make sure the police go looking for you,” Erik was no longer feigning a positive outlook.  His anger had boiled over and Dale’s reticence to try a new path was maddening.

“Erik, please. Like you said, one of us is right and it isn’t you. Let’s just go back. Whatever that sound is, I don’t think we’re the intended audience,” Dale pleaded.

Erik stood his ground. Dale did not budge.  With quick head nods, the two understood the argument had ended.  They both set out on their chosen paths.

Both marched through the caves until, at their own time, they both realized one of them was indeed right.


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