Subscription Box Services That Must Exist

I love the concept of monthly subscription boxes.  Wine, geek toys, games, all sorts of possibilities exist.  If I had the funds, I’d totally start a subscription box service of my own.  What could possibly in need of monthly delivery though? What market remains untapped?

Hmm…I wonder….

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Angry Letter Monthly – Each and every month an assortment of angry letters is delivered to you in a hastily wrapped box, address handwritten in all caps with the fat edge of a sharpie.  Letters range from historical to modern.  Topics include terrible decisions, Aunt Sally’s behavior at the last family gathering, Facebook trolls.  Each month will have a special letter written from the perspective of one of the jurors from 12 Angry Men.

Box Box – The meta subscription service we didn’t know we needed.  Each month, for the low low price of $49.94, a stack of boxes will be delivered to you.  Empty. Various sizes.  Maybe some different packing tapes and address labels will be included, the possibilities are there.  Special boxes will be delivered like Russian Nesting Dolls, progressively smaller boxes until maybe one that can store a single pea is all that remains.

Items Related Specifically to Hedgehogs -We’re going niche market here.  Hedgehogs seem like they need two things; hedges and truffles.  However, brief internet searches indicate that they could require the same material as a hamster at times.  They do not seem to enjoy collecting gold rings. Childhood ruined!

Stick Figure Family Decals – Who doesn’t love showing off the various sizes and ages of their family members on the back of their SUV? Families grow and change and find new interests all the time.  My kids liked M&Ms a month ago, now they’ve moved on.  The same ideas apply to that whacky individualism that is best displayed through mass market vinyl decals for car windows.  Every month, this service box will deliver three sheets of new vinyl decals with characters and silhouettes from popular IPs of the day.

Fonts –email service providing access to really neat fonts.  The target audience will be office employees who need their coworkers to use something else for once, John.

“I think Comic Sans always screams FUN.” — Jerry Gergich

via Buzzfeed/NBC

The McGyver-esque Bundle of Code – In another email based service, subscribers are sent a zip file of different code for websites.  CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript; there’s no telling what will be in there! The challenge is to use it. Make something with what is provided.  Build on files from previous months until you have one Frankenstein’s Monster of a site.  Just $1 a month, the service is for the adventurous and bold.

Deck of Cards – Just some cards. Maybe a crazy dice. Maybe a game’s rule book. Cards are accompanied with a post card reminding folks to sit, breathe, and ponder the idea that there are more ways a deck of cards can be arranged than there are stars.  It’s a meditation service.  We’re selling calm.

Just One Half of a Pair of Socks – Always losing one sock to the dryer or sock goblins? Never worry. This service will send a new mate for the surviving sock.  It may not match, it may not be the right size, but the crushing loneliness will end.

Magazines! oh wait.



Yep.  The subscription box service model is where it. is. at.



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Have a great weekend.


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