Workday Haiku

I’m starting to understand the allure of haiku.  It’s kinda like chess.  Easy to learn, impossible to master. The format provides a wonderful template to really get at the heart of an issue.  The issue this time around? Work.

“Fix the spreadsheet, please.”
How did it manage to break?
“Click, drag and delete.”

What’s on tap today?
Meeting in seven minutes.
I need my coffee.

Goal: Inbox zero.
Reality: Three thousand.
Send them right to trash?

Day 1: Messy desk.
Day 100: Disaster.
Day 1000: Flames.

System update due.
Running Windows 95.
Is that a DOS prompt?

Conference room. Now.
Discussion ’round synergy.
Losing focus. Now.

Lunch time at my desk.
Spill coffee on the keyboard.
I have no regret.

Presentation time.
20 slides at the ready.
Meeting got cancelled.

It’s not all that bad.
Growing, learning, changing; woo!
And pay day helps, too.


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