No Longer Trivial

I often write of completely trivial things.  I like this.  Trivial is easy and fun.  A dumb joke to lighten the mood, a quick story to help forget whatever happened on the nightly news.  Writing is a tool for escapism and it is amazing.

A lot of very non-trivial stuff has been happening though and it seems irresponsible not to address the acts of the executive branch in some way.  We’re going political real quick. I’ll put a ‘read more’ here for those that are tired of it already.  Less than two weeks in.  Wowsa.Over the weekend Steve Bannon (essentially) tried to ban immigrants based on a test of religion.  Let’s be real, Trump has no idea what he’s signing and frankly knows better than to shut out potential customers. That man’s religion is money.  Bannon weaseled his way into the Trump administration and is now funneling messages of hate into the ears of the leader of the friggin’ free world.  The consequence of allowing vile campaign rhetoric to become stated policy is breaking apart the very basis of the American psyche; the melting pot.

I was in seventh grade when a group of Balkan refugees came to my school.  Three kids, just starting their teenage years plucked from the world they knew and brought to America.  They never spoke of home. Their names were spelled with unfamiliar letters, their accents were thick, and they were a little shy at first.  None of that mattered at all.  They were tall and made our basketball games much more amusing.  These kids brought with them stories, food the rest of us had never heard of, new curse words, and laughs.  They had fled a genocide and were still able to laugh because they were safe.  Their families were safe.  Their homes were safe.

They came to America because ours is a country of strangers creating something amazing, creating something great together.  In the darkest of nights, America shined a light and said, “oh snap! Get over here, now! We’ve got you!” Since it was ’97, it then probably did a rock-rap then ate a bunch of Gushers.

I learned from those three kids that America offers hope.  I had never met a person from another country before them. Seeing that rest of the world had real problems, not just ‘my GoldenEye game is weak’ problems was enlightening.  Meeting these kids took “USA!” from a weird concept to a more concrete idea.  “The Land of Opportunity”
transformed from a goofy statement in history class to holding a real meaning.  America is not a land of opportunity.  It is the land of opportunity.  That realization changed me and my classmates forever.

For the most part, the people I know who read this little ol’ blog are already shocked by the idea that something like Bannon or Trump could exist in the first place, let alone work in the same place FDR, Eisenhower, heck, even Hoover, called their office.  So I’m only adding to the echo chamber.  Echos are still better than silence.  Even better than echos? Action.

Here’s a quick link to contact your Senator:

Here’s to connect with the House:

Here’s how to organize a grassroots campaign (tons of topics):

Here’s a site to help you run for office yourself.  This country is and always will be led by its people. The wealthy elites for the moment, but that can only change if we make it happen.  Go run for office, this site will show what is coming up in your area:

Check your local city or county website for current or upcoming governmental vacancies.  Boards and Commissions are good ways to get involved as well!

There is a right side and a wrong side of history on this issue.  The Chinese Exclusion ActThe Emergency Quota Act. 1903. 1907. The Johnson-Reed Act.  Immigration scares those in power; always has and always will.  Fear caused by ignorance is something that history will always look back upon and mock.  Usually with peer reviewed articles summarized with “dudes, people were so dumb.”

Present, loud and moving have to be the way of the next four years.  Otherwise we’re all on the wrong side of history.


Alrighty. Politics done. This link is fun.




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