The Legion of Heroic Hope at City Hall

“Legion of Heroic Hope! Our time has come.  The city is now under the control of a sinister group of ne’er do wells!” Captain Lieutenant said, bursting into a room full of caped heroes just waiting to use their super human abilities for justice.

“To action, colleagues!” The Crossfader said, loudly at first then a little quieter, then loudly again.

The Legion of Heroic Hope burst out of the Hall of Legion Legend and went to work.  The Astonishing Acrobat flew high above the skyscrapers of the town.  The Astounding Archer jumped really, really well for someone with a skill set in a decidedly different field.  The Captain drove as fast as he could, but his ’83 Impala had seen better days.  Team members not even present at the initial call responded rather quickly to their Slack notification.

Before long, the entire Legion stood across from city hall atop the second tallest building in the tri-state region.  They posed brilliantly for the cameras they hoped were on them at the time and made sure their capes could catch the slight breeze that had appeared mid-day.

“Uh, Captain,” said The Crossfader, his blue, then gray, then blue again uniform catching sunlight and reflecting it right into the eyes of The Running Joke, “I don’t think we’re actually needed today.”

Captain Lieutenant stood with one foot on the building’s edge, the other on the pea gravel floor of the roof, and nodded his head.  “I am left to concur, Carl, sorry,” Captain had long been working on using call signs, “Crossfader.”

Far below, the grounds in front of city hall were full of people.  Chants and cheers and songs of protest rose skyward.  Humorous signs and passionate pleas were brought to the doorstep of the group inside city hall and they were forced to listen.

“I think the townsfolk have this one,” Captain said.  “Legion of Heroic Heroes! Back to the hall.  Super powers aren’t needed today.  Should an asteroid threaten the town they may need us again, but right now it looks like they can do anything.”

With leaps, bounds, and some complaining about having to walk thirty flights of stairs to the ground floor, the Legion of Heroic Hope made way to their secretive base knowing they would be ready when needed.


Thanks for reading!

And a big thanks to today’s marchers.  Protest is patriotism.


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