On the Floor

“It rolled under the couch!” The children shouted in unison.  “Can you get it?”

The worried father hesitated and weighed the options.  None were clear winners.  “Okay, fine. But don’t do that thing.” He pointed at his two young sons and warned them with a look he thought quite intimidating

“What thing, dad?” the oldest child asked, giggling.

The father cursed his words and resumed the look.

He made his way to the ground, knees popping the whole time.  He put his head against the carpet to get a good view of the underside of the couch.  The lost toy had made it to a position which seemed to defy physics.

“Should take a just a sec, guys,” he grunted, his hand moving by cobwebs and other lost toys.

“Guh!” he shouted in surprise as the wind was knocked out of him.

“Daddy’s a horsey!” the children gleefully cried out as they jumped on their father’s back.

“You did the thing! You little monsters duped me!”

“Giddy up!” said the youngest.


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