Deck and Amy and the Cheese Party

“These hash browns taste like funnel cake,” Deck said to Amy when their host was out of ear shot.

“Pretend you’re at a fair and deal with it.  We are out of here in half an hour,” Amy said.  She stomped on Deck’s foot for good measure.

“I was almost kidnapped at a county fair once.  True story,” Deck said.

“I wish I had known that prior to making mention of it.  I apologize,” Amy worried she did actually know that.

The two had been invited to attend a wine, cheese and fancy sausages tasting at the home of one Amy’s work friends.  Unable to say no to much of anything, Amy agreed to attend.  Usually a Friday night was spent binge watching back seasons of Castle or, more recently, devouring Stranger Things to see all the homages they missed the first two run times they watched it.  Deck and Amy were homebodies, and right now their goal was to get their bodies back home.

“She’s coming back, pretend to laugh like we were enjoying ourselves,” Deck said, hearing footsteps coming from the kitchen.

Amy faked a laugh; hand in the air, mouth agape, real award winning performance.  “I cannot believe that happened!” She said.  For her own amusement, she wanted to test Deck’s improvisation skills.

“Well don’t you two look like you’re having a grand time.  I brought more cheese,” said the work friend.  Deck had already forgotten her name and resigned himself to calling this new acquaintance various nicknames for eternity.

“Oh that looks delicious! We should just call you Brie!” Deck said, laughing as he grabbed a cracker.  Amy gave him a cold stare he did not notice.

The night took a sudden, quiet turn and Amy decided to call things early.  The group said their goodbyes and Deck and Amy made exited the coworker’s home.

Amy remained unusually quiet as Deck started the car.

“Alrighty, heading home.  Let’s see what that Demogorgon is up to tonight.”

“Her name is Bri,” Amy said, bluntly, eyes staring out the front windshield.

Deck slowly put the car into drive.  “Oh man.  So my nickname crack…” he trailed off.

“Yeah, she totally knows you forgot her name.”

“It was such a nice time too.  Pity we can never return.”

“Agreed,” Amy smiled.

Deck drove off.


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