Common Conversations with My Toddler

Dad! Zombies!

Zombies?! Where?

In the front room! Come quick.

Okay, buddy, I’m in the mid-chop of this onion though so it’ll be just one moment.

What you making for breakfast?

It’s dinner time, bud.  And we’re having noodles!

What you making for mommy breakfast? I want…I want…I would like…uh….uh…uh.  Yogurt!  What you making for brother breakfast?  Hot dogggggg! Hahahaha.  Can I get a M en M? And milk?  With marshamallow? A-hahaha.  Where mommy at? Are you making breakfast? I would want some Yogurt.  Dad! You hear that? Zombies!  Let’s go front room!

Wow.  So much is happening. Let’s get those zombies, I think. I hope.


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