A Commotion Across the Street

“Looks like the commotion is at Dr. Stein’s house,” Betty said, peering through the curtains of the front room.

“Well if it’s at Frank’s place, let the police deal with it.  There’s nothing a looky loo neighbor can do to help,” Marty replied.  He flipped the channel from the evening news to a rerun of a CBS sitcom he could not remember the title of.

“There are more cars pulling up,” Betty stopped listening to her husband’s comments decades ago.

“I always knew Frank was up to no good,” Marty complained.

“”Why do you jump right to criminality? You’ve been watching that dreadful NCIS again haven’t you?” Betty said, she did not look away from the window.

“You go right to man’s death!” Marty said, he did not look away from the television.

“Oh my, Marty, the police have weapons out,” Betty informed.

“See, he’s a criminal,” Marty reveled in his victory.

“Someone just came out of the house.  He’s a big one,” Betty updated Marty.  He cared little for the snooping.  “The police are shouting again.  Big guy walks funny and his arms aren’t bending.”

“Must be on the bath salts.  I always had my suspicions about that guy,” Marty said, grumbling.

“Frank just chased the big guy out of the house.  He’s waving to the police.  Oh my goodness! He’s stepped between the big guy and the officers,” Betty had not felt a rush like this in some time.  “There’s a lot of shouting out there.”

“At this hour? I tell you, if Frank gets out of this I am going to give him a piece of my mind,” Marty warned.

“Oh no you won’t.  AH!” Betty shrieked.  “An officer on the road lit a flare and the big guy went crazy! He hit Dr. Stein and sent him flying across the yard.  He’s running off now! Police are chasing him.  I don’t see anyone checking on Dr. Stein.”

“Well he brought this on himself, Dr. Frank Stein can get himself out of it too,” Marty flipped back to the news.

“Maybe I should go help Frank?” Betty wondered.

“That Fallon kid is coming on. Let the police work it out,” Marty said.

Betty closed the curtain.



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