The Stars Align

“Why have you summoned the council this day, Brother Orion?” Asked the Council Elder.

The question was on the mind of all ten council members assembled around the altar.  The council members stood in their flowing red robes, faces hidden under deep hoods.  The room was poorly lit by flickering candles. On the altar sat a book none other than Brother Orion recognized.

“Council, I have made a discovery,” Brother Orion said.  “This tome tells of a cosmic alignment.  Stars and planets falling into place in such a way that, if we put the altar in the right spot, our goals will be achieved.”

Even from under their hoods, Brother Orion saw smiles from the Council.

“What do we need to do?” The Elder asked.

“The alignment occurs only once every 7,000 years,” Brother Orion informed them.

“Excellent.  The next alignment approaches then?” The Elder asked.

“Well, not exactly.  The last alignment was in June of ’92.  But it is good we begin preparing now.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Council Member Cleo said, pulling her hood off her head, “So we have 6, 975 years until this plan will come into play? Don’t get me wrong, advancing the goals of the cult is always good, but 6975 years from now will more than double the entirety of human history?”

“Well,” Brother Orion started.

“Do we need to plan 7,000 years out? I always thought of our cult as more of a beer and foosball thing with the occasional group chant,” interjected Council Member Rico.

“Yeah, but planning ahead will allow future members to,” Orion was cut off again.

“I’m inclined to agree with Rico here,” The Council Elder interrupted, “file the book, send me an Outlook reminder to make a note about the discovery in the Elder’s log and we’ll go on with our charitable contributions and golf tournaments as normal.  For now though, burgers and beer pong!”

The council cheered and exited the room.  Brother Orion pulled out his phone and started a calendar reminder for the Elder.


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