The Bird’s Song

“Jenkins!” Dr. Bryant shouted in excitement.  The experiment had worked.  “Quickly, lad! We’ve found success!”

Jenkins rushed into the laboratory with a mop and bucket per custom.  “Sir, I’ve brought the clean up…wait, did you say, ‘success?'”

“Indeed, lad.  Observe,” Dr. Bryant motioned to a bird like creature sitting on the work bench.

“My word,” Jenkins was overcome.  Usually the creatures in the lab had exploded by now.  This one was looking around and trying to flap its scaled wings.  “And it’s call?”

“Listen. Byrd,” Bryant commanded, “speak.”

The bird readied its voice.

“Stop. Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention.”  The creature’s song rang through the lab and the two scientists fought off tears.

“Remember this moment, lad,” Bryant said, ” for history shall certainly want every detail.”


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