The Feed

As nightly tradition held, the couple rested side by side and scrolled through their phones.  Schedules for the coming day were plotted, Facebook accounts checked and thoughts on the day’s events were shared.  It was as typical a night as any until Rodney opened his Pinterest app.

The usual feed of recipes, board games memes and Star Wars art had been replaced by items not sinister by themselves, but as a collection brought a type of dread over Rodney he did not realize he was capable of feeling.  His eyes narrowed and his brow furrowed as he took in a new collection of items his beloved wife, laying at his side, had opted to keep.

“Hey, Sweetie,” Rodney asked his sleepy bride, Alice, “Everything going okay?”

Rodney tried to find the right words to express his concern with the screen caps of How to Get Away With Murder and Hannibal.  Alone, they were of no consequence.  That they were accompanied by pictures of box freezers, zombie memes, pictures of cast iron skillets and maps of ‘back country hideaways’, raised some alarms.

“Yeah, everything’s fine.  Do you want to do some vacation planning while we’re up?” Marybelle said.

“No!” Rodney may have over reacted.  “I mean… that’s a great way to spend tomorrow.  Good night, Sweetie.”


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