Six Word Tales -The Parenting Edition

Six Word Stories with a theme! Tonight’s tales have lot to offer.  You’ll laugh, cry, ponder and…read.  Enjoy the text that is ahead.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Six word sentence intro is tough.


Yesterday’s beloved food? No longer liked.

Parent: Kleenex to trashcan intermediary unit.

Every week the same tiny laundry.

The silence was horrifying, but welcome.

Childhood’s end arrived with cries anew.

Fun new game; find new allergies!

“Mom? Dad?” Movie finished before Mommy.

New belief: nursery rhymes deserve censorship.

“Let them fight” is sound advice.

Silence. Crash. Scamper. “Come quick!”

Taught a human how to pee.

Sugar crash is a welcome thing.

Think you’ve had enough coffee? Wrong.

Awake before the sun. Thanks, son.

Baby pictures to remember the ease.

Let’s watch the movie 5000 times!

Should we teach them maniacal laughter?

“No candy for breakfast” on repeat.

“That’s not how mom makes it.”

Dare: watch ’em play video games.

Everything is sticky all the time.


Thanks for reading!


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