The Wobbly Folding Gaming Table

My oldest is finally, finally at an age where board games are a real option for play.  This Christmas “Santa” gave him the wonderfully addictive and simple game Battle Sheep.  When the box was opened, the game was played for a solid two hours straight.  With each round taking just a few minutes, we played a whole bunch of Battle Sheep that day.

And the next day.

And the day after that.

Part of the game relies on tile placement and by golly do tiles shift around a lot when a five year old is bumping the table and excitedly flailing his elbows about.  The solution…

I built a table.  More specifically, I built a folding gaming table.  It wobbles.  I am fairly certain it will not collapse, but it wobbles.  Never the less, check out these miter cuts!

Oh yeah. That’s some nice miter.

The tabletop itself is fairly standard gaming fare.  Felt is stapled to a 5 foot by 3 foot piece of OSB.  The osb is squished (the technical term) between a 2X4 frame on the bottom and a 2X6 bordering frame on top.  The top part helps keep dice from rolling off the table.

The folding legs are troublesome.  I wound up putting together a cross brace, but will soon be rebuilding.  Right now the legs are 28 inches from the inside of the frame, allowing for about 24 inches of leg room.  A bit higher would be nice. A table is only as good as its legs.  Otherwise it is just a weird slab.  The part of the leg that rests right underneath the tabletop is rounded to help movement.  I used a belt sander for the first time ever and the whole rounding of a 2×4 process took thirty seconds.  It was insane.  No pictures, unfortunately, I did not think that far ahead.

While I am very excited to put the table to use playing games like Sneaky Snacky Squirrel and Battle Sheep with the kiddos, I am ecstatic to play Pathfinder or Fiasco around a table that will not allow dice to bounce to the ground.  Though with my board game buddies that will still happen.  And now that I’ve written this down it will happen out of spite.  Friends are the best.

Card games won’t slide around all over the place.  Carcassone will be slightly more manageable! It is not out of the question to break out the ol’ Zombies!!! boxes! Endless possibilities with a table designed for gaming.  All thanks to a four hour project and completely neglecting my wife and children on a Sunday afternoon.  But now future Sunday afternoons will be spent together.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

The table will remain a work in progress.  I want to add little cut outs in the 2X6 to allow for boxes players can roll dice in (or more likely horde popcorn inside of), drink holders, and maybe one day add little an LED light system that flashes red when a character takes damage or strobes when a natural 20 is rolled.  You know, practical stuff.  Wwhen the function of the table meets our demands it will be painted and made to look like real furniture.  For now, the lumber yard stamps are pretty fun.


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