Steampunk Airship Name Generator BY BUTTON!

I’m learning to code! For work. The work stuff is not much fun.  I put together a ‘problem generator’ to help people quickly evaluate issues that might come up.  It’ll be interesting.  But that’s not the point of this.

The point is learning things is always better if you can do something fun with it while watching Netflix.

I made this   <<<Click it!<<<

It’s a Javascript one click generator based with over 700 possibilities! Such fun.  Check it out, share it, write a story about your airship and share it in the comments.  “Remix” the code yourself and make something cool.  The code is from a Mozilla template and you get to see how things interact.  Awesome stuff.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow Javascript scripts so it has to be hosted off site.  Sorry.  One day I’ll self host.

More click button generators on the way and as I figure out Javascript a bit more they’ll get cooler and cooler.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Steampunk Airship Name Generator BY BUTTON!

  1. Clicked through a couple times, landed on “The Unsuspecting Sonnet”. Sounds like like something I’d come up with, lol. I’m going to use it! Nifty tool, bookmarked along with a steampunk name generator I’ve made copious use of the last couple years.


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