The Job

“Well, that can’t be right,” muttered Mort double checking the job posting on the screen.

He clicked the link and was taken to a website most bizarre and wildly outdated.  A glittery gif sat at the top of the page spinning.  Word Art was the only type of text present.  A note reading “R.I.P. Angelfire” filled the far right of the page.  “I didn’t think Angelfire was dead,” Mort said as he scrolled down.

“Someone is advertising a job with this page?” Mort was still quite confused.  After more spins of the mouse wheel he cared to count, he found the rumored job details.

Grave Robber! The Rhino Dino Bakery is in knead of an overnight grave robber.  Requirements: Averse to questions, ethics of a garden gnome, and an associates degree in economics, BS preferred.

“Come on! Even outright illegal jobs require a degree these days? I do hit two of the three requirements though…” Mort submitted an application.


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