Bird King

My name is Bird King.
Birds ’round the world come to kiss my ring.

Out on a limb; lookin’ so grim.
Leaf pile hair style.
Prey can’t see me.
They will feed me.
Way it should be.
None can beat me.

“Hey! Bird King!”

What do you want?
I’m a savant.
Rhyme flow is go
Time for my show.

“Swell. Hey, you rhymed ‘me’ with ‘me’, like, five times.”

Gleefully see
Claws come at ye’
Sorry, you’ll be.
Don’t mess with me.

“Constructive criticism. That’s all.”

Time for lunch
I’ve got a hunch
You’re my brunch.

“Lunch? Brunch? Pick one.”


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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