3000 Years Later

3000 years, 7 days ago

“My business partner has spurned me.  Taken our product, sold it at market and kept the profit to himself,” said a downtrodden merchant.

The sorceress he spoke to smirked and waved a finger.  “I have just the thing for you,” she said before rummaging through a basket of stones and idols near her seat.  “For a small fee, this idol is yours.  Give it to your former ally, under the guise of a peace offering perhaps, and they will soon know what true torment is.”

“Here,” said the burned businessman, “take this satchel of coin.  It is all yours so long as vengeance is mine!”

3000 years, 1 day ago

“Curse this stone demon!” A maddened merchant screamed from a rock overlooking a turbulent ocean.  “I cast thee to the pits of Poseidon’s realm.  May the god of the sea rid you of your horrid enchantment.  May the water god take the sacrifice as a token and see fit to destroy my vengeful partner.:

With a heave, the cursed businessman tossed a ruby red statue no bigger than his palm into the rough sea below.

As the idol submerged, the curse lifted.  The businessman felt reborn, sighed with relief and walked back to the village a new man.


Taran saw a strange rock catch the early morning sun as it made its way across the beach.  The brilliant red was an odd sight against the tan pebbles surrounding it.  “Oh neat!” He said, skipping to pick it up and claim it as his own.

He brushed wet sand from the walls of the rock and it began to show its form as a humanoid statue.  Taran turned the stone over and over, examining every millimeter of the space.  He had heard rumors of ancient artifacts washing ashore on this beach, but never expected the rumors to be true.

“This is amazing,” he said, awestruck.

Suddenly, he felt a single strand of hair stuck in the back of his throat.

“Bleh,” he said as he tried to free himself from the hair.  No matter what he tried though, the feeling of the hair remained.

He dropped the idol back into the sand and tried with both hands to rid himself of the worst feeling ever when suddenly an unreachable spot on his back began to itch.  His discomfort knew no limits.  Then the tide rolled in and the discomfort went away.

“What the what?” He questioned.  As the tide rolled away, the discomfort returned.

“Ah goodness, this is like a curse!” He shouted.  The word made him think of the idol, which was no longer underwater. Realization swept over him.

“Nooooooooooo, that’s so cool! A cursed idol” He mumbled, the feeling of the hair had returned.  He picked the stone up again and returned it to the ocean with one powerful toss.  As soon as the stone fell beneath the waves, he felt normal again.

“Oh golly, that was awful.  Whoever was hit with that originally must have done something teerrrrrribbbblee.”  Taran continued his morning walk down the beach, ignoring other shiny stones along the way.


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