You’ve Earned a Badge

“You’ve earned a badge!” the robot’s voice chirps from inside a just stopped alarm clock.  “That’s five days in a row without hitting snooze.  Say ‘sure’ to share the accomplishment with your social feeds!”

“Sure,” says the ever so groggy Embry, prying covers off of himself and stepping to what he hopes is a pile of clean laundry.  Work started in a mere hour.  He had to move.

“You’ve earned a badge!” the robot’s voice called from his smart-watch, “you’ve shared your last five badge accomplishments! Sharing your accomplishments is good!  Say, ‘sure’ to share the news with your friends.”

“Um, uh, no,” Embry said, he raised his watch to his mouth to ensure his message was heard through his mumbling. “Skip it this time, that’s fine.”

He found some clean clothes, grabbed his shoes and went to brush his teeth.

“You’ve earned a badge!” the robot’s voice sounded from the bathroom mirror.  “You’ve brushed every morning this week! Say, ‘sure’ to share the news!”

“Whoa! No. No. Don’t need anyone asking about last week, thank you,” Embry felt a rush adrenaline.  He was quite awake now.

He moved to the kitchen and prepared his breakfast.

“You’ve earned a badge!” the robot’s voice announced from the microwave.  “Your breakfast contains no artificial sugars! Say, ‘sure’ to share the good news.”

“Sure,” Embry was not exactly sure why he agreed to that one.

“Robot,” Embry said, activating the robot’s listening mode, “check social feeds for updates.”

“You’ve earned a badge!” The robot’s voice called from the ceiling mounted home monitoring system, “checking on your friends and family is an important way to stay connected.  Say, ‘sure’ to notify them that you care as well as share the good news!”

“Sure,” Embry said, “I still the get the updates right?”

“Updates are 90% badge related.  Do you wish to proceed?” the robot’s voice rang out from the coffee maker.

“Meh, don’t really care ’bout that stuff,” Embry shrugged and continued about his morning.


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