When the planet dried up, we took to the stars.  Ships made way for the edge of the solar system and kept going.  Humanity spilled through the Milky Way in search of a home, but found the ships more home like than any rocky orb could accomplish.

Traditions long held kept strong.  Space faring humans told stories, played games, taught our children ambition and the golden rule, and we entertained one another.  My role, aboard the Fleet Ship Hoffnung, is to carry on the grand tradition of entertainment.  I am a juggler.  A simple feat, older than civilization itself, but an important one.

I perform and people smile.  Child and adult alike; amused and bemused by a little coordinated movement and a flick of the wrist.  Of course, lighting things on fire and throwing them in the air helps a bit too.

One thing the jugglers of old did not have to contend with, but I face down nearly every day, are pilots who have access to the on/off switch for the artificial gravity.


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