Talk Radio

“For those just tuning in, we are talking with the artist who’s hit single has just seen it’s 58th week in the top ten chart.  37 of those at number 1, the rest bouncing between 2 and 5.  One heck of a year, good sir,” DJ Jonah Jones said as the word from sponsors came an end.

“To put it lightly, Jonah,” the world’s biggest act, Cubert, a stage name by most estimates, said with a knowing chuckle.

“So tell us, Cubert, the song is so emotional, so raw.  It has connected with young and old, man and woman, religions and races and politics of all varieties have grabbed onto your song and your debut album like you’re the new Elvis.  You’ve been giving interviews for a very long time now.  So my final question of the day, and thanks again for chatting so long, my last question is this; what do you have left to say about this song that has taken over the world?”  DJ Jonah wanted to end on a fun note.

“Wow, nice question.  I have not heard that one before.  Good question.  Let’s see, well, I do have one regret.  And this is something I have not said this to anyone before.  I do regret the name of the song,” Cubert admitted, continuing to laugh.

“The title?” Jonah was shocked.

“I never thought the song would take off.  With all the songs in all the world, mine should have just been a blip; couple streams, few pennies in my pocket.  But I thought, ‘nah, let’s have some fun with it,’ and went for the early aughts far too many words title style.” Cubert started, he paused for the cackling DJ to speak.

“So ‘I’ll Drunk Text My Ex After the Show When This Song is Number One’ is more than just a title, it’s a promise to your fans?” Jonah could not contain his amusement.

“Let me tell you, if my ex hated me before, he certainly hates me now.  I do three shows a week minimum and have a featherweight tolerance for booze.  Fans are amused though, so there’s that.”  Cubert felt the interview on a positive note.


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