The Sleepy Blogger

Eddy woke groggy.  “What the? What’s tha? Where’s the?” He was too tired to complete questions.  Looking around for a moment cleared things up a bit.

He was on his bed in a seated position propped up against the wall.  Computer open, screen blank.  Phone at his side.

“I have absolutely no idea what I was working on,” he mumbled aloud, his inner monologue long since gone in favor of narration.

Password plugged in, the phone opened to a picture editing app he used more frequently than phone calls home.

“Maybe this will have some answers,” he said.  The slight press of a button only brought on more confusion.

“A bison?” he asked.  That question came out in full.  “What was I doing with a photo of a bison silhouette?  Will the computer hold the answers I so desperately seek?”  He annoyed himself with his verbose wording, but this was the life he had committed to; too late to go back now.

The computer was dead.  Dead as dead could be.  “Fine,” he said.  Dramatically flinging his arm to the near by battery cable, he plugged in the computer and waited for what felt like an eternity.  Chimes informed him just seconds later that the system was ready for use.

“Finally,” he said, forgetting his youth spent with first generation Pentium processors.  Auto-saved documents began to pop up.

Answers came, but disappointment followed.  “Say it so, Eddy,” he said.  On the screen were nearly a dozen bison in cowboy hats celebrating the 200 year anniversary of a town’s meeting hall’s construction.

“You need to sleep better,” Eddy told himself, shaking his head and moving to delete the document.

Below the picture read the words “Bison, ten y’all!”



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