Tall Grass

Parenting goal: getting the kids to understand why I shout “don’t go into the tall grass!” 

Jurassic Park, one of the bad ones, has this line. Raptors come and eat people, wildly unimportant. It is the only part of the move I remember though. Now each and every time we come across tall grass, I say the line. 

One day the kids are going to ask why I say this. There’s no reason to it, no purpose. It’s a reflex at this point. Hopefully they’ll laugh. Hopefully they won’t ask to watch the movie. 

One day they may actually listen to me and stay out of the tall grass. As seen above, now they just sit down and take pictures of me taking pictures of them. We’ve traveled 300 miles from home this weekend. Good to know they don’t listen regardless of geography. 


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