Sibling Bonds

By golly am I not focusing tonight.  Here’s an oldie, but a goodie.  I have stopped hearing from insurance companies since the original posting last year.  Blogging changes lives.

Here we go…..

“Again?” She spoke through her disgust.

“They had a dog.  Did not plan on the dog.  Can I come in?” He held a bleeding arm and tried not to drip on the carpet.

With a shrug, she welcomed him into her home.

“You can’t keep coming here when these go bad,” she scolded.

“If questions come up I’ve been for a week ok?  I brought a new mitt for Cal,” he shouted from the refrigerator.

“Baseball camp alibi? You used that one in the Spring.  You’ll need to go with football camp this time of year,” she said.  She stood at the kitchen entrance and watched him struggle to pop the top off a bottle of beer.

“Is it really coming up on football season? Do you know how easy my job is during football season?! This is great news! We’ll celebrate with a cruise.  You, Darrin, Cal; the three of you on a boat through Alaska, eh?  My treat,” he said before taking a triumphant swig from the bottle.

“We’re not taking your scam money.  I’ll keep your little story straight, but beyond that, brother or not, I want nothing to do with your little insurance scheme,” she motioned for a beer.

“It’s not a ‘scheme’.  My contact and I simply target well insured local businesses and rob them blind.  They actually profit from the ordeal and I only work one night every six months,” he said through a smile.

“You’re gloating about this? What happens when you get caught and I have to tell your nephew that not only are a criminal, but a bad one?  You remember how dad felt about being bad at your job,” she said.

“I won’t get caught.  I have solid alibis,” he grinned.

She sipped her beer and nodded, “I’ll give you that.  Tell me about tonight’s heist.”

“Look at you.  ‘Heist.’ Being all Hollywood.  Gangster sis.  You’re gangster,” he teased.

“I at least need to know why there is blood all over my carpet now,” she prodded again.

“Oh snap, did I get blood everywhere? I’ll get the club soda,” he was quite afraid of what wrath awaited him.

“No, you’re fine.  Tell me!” She threw a peanut at his head.

“Where did you find a peanut?”

“I have a seven year old.  There’s stuff every where.  I stopped asking how years ago,” she finished her beer.

“Cal is seven?”  In his mind his nephew was still the four year old who asked too many questions and never stopped moving.

“Maybe you should burgle every three months.  Be around more often,” she said.

“I’d be nothing but a bad influence,” he said.  He did not laugh, he did not smile.

“You steal from people that won’t be ruined by the event.  I don’t think you’re as bad as you think you are,” she said through a slight smile.

He finished his drink and put the empty bottle in the trash beneath the sink.  “I’ll see to those cruise tickets.  Mail them to you.  I should go.”

“See you in six months?” She asked.

He looked at a photo of his sister’s family.  “Maybe sooner.”

She smiled.  “Be safe.  Look out for dogs.”

“Thanks, sis.”


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