Ruds’ Blueprint

Denir raced down the hallway, design blueprints clutched tightly in hand, and stormed into his lead architect’s office.

“Ruds, what is this garbage you’ve presented to me?” Denir shouted.

Ruds looked up from his desk, excited to share his grand vision at last.  “You reviewed the plans then?” The architect asked.

“Yes, I reviewed them.  Do you mind explaining this section?” Denir slammed the crumbled document on Ruds’ desk and pointed to a perplexing area at the end of what would be the tomb’s grand entrance.

“That there is my pride and joy of the project.  You see, if any who are unworthy attempt to enter the tomb this addition will quickly remove them from the burial,” Ruds explained.

“Your design is proposing an elaborate series of switches and dials to connect with a latch that holds back, and I quote here, ‘a friggin’ huuuuuugggggeee round boulder’.  Once the switches are stepped on, more mechanisms under the floor will have to work nearly instantaneously to release the boulder which will then roll onto the intruder provided they do not successfully evade the trap,” Denir was unimpressed.

“Yeah! See, the brilliance in this design is that once our civilization crumbles and we are no longer able to post guards at the entry way the emperor’s tomb will still be protected by friggin’ huge rocks that will squash the unworthy like roaches,” Ruds said.  He was having great difficulty understanding the Denir’s lack of enthusiasm.

“Do you realize the resources that will be tied up in this? There’s at least twelve miles of rope needed for the under the floor mechanisms.  And the emperor isn’t particularly flashy.  He just wants a nice, murder boulder free tomb for his eternal slumber.  Can you rework the plans to avoid unnecessary slides for rocks?” Denir asked.

Ruds knew he the request was not a question.  “Fine,” he said, “but know that when I go, my burial chamber better have a rolling murder boulder in the entry way.”



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