Island of Legends

Gulls were the final sign; land was near.  The captain ordered the expedition to ready for shore.  Doctors Reed and Wright stood at the ship’s bow taking in the green dot growing larger on the horizon.

“We’ve come a long way, friend.  You’re sure the maps leads to this place?” Dr. Reed questioned.

“Positive, Wright, this island holds the key.  If the legends hold any truth though, great obstacles await,” Dr. Wright confirmed.

Behind them, a stern looking soldier nodded for the two scientists to make way for a boat.

The ride from the boat to shore was choppy.  Reed hated sailing.  Wright and the others in their boat mocked him mercilessly for the lack of sea legs.  Their laughter was silenced when the treeline behind the beach started to rustle before giving way to an enormous beast.

Reed’s sickness left in hurry.  “The legends are true,” he gasped.

“Look at that thing,” Dr. Wright said, “that must be 30 feet tall!” She could hardly hide her delight.

“And adorable!” The stoic soldiers guarding the ship broke character in alarming fashion.

At the beach stood the guardian of an island likely to contain untold riches, resources and secrets.  A guardian poised to protect in the best way possible; complete and total distraction.

“A 30 foot tall quokka,” Reed said, nudging Wright’s shoulder, “we’re never leaving this place.  Expedition! Ready forselfies.”


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