Step Right Up

“Step right up folks and come see a wonder unlike any other.  Your eyes and your brain are going to have an argument as they piece together the bizarre oddity that awaits you behind this very curtain!  You there, you youngster, do you want to see the most beguiling sight of your so far short life?”

The man in the top hat, long black coat and red vest pointed a cane right at Theodore.

“Ugh, well, we’re kinda doing someth,” Theodore started.

“Oh certainly you and your friend want to prove to yourselves that something greater than the known values of this universe exists.  You and she, she and you, walk hand and hand into that next room and begin your journey of reevaluating the entirety of your experiences and knowledge of this little blue orb we call earth,” the top hat man said, rapidly and cutting off Theodore’s objection.

Theodore looked to his date.  Amanda looked at the man in the top hat with curiosity, wonder, and turned to Theodore with an indifferent shrug and said, “meh, I guess.”

“We’re in,” Theodore said, handing over a ten dollar bill to the man in the top hat.  The man waved the two inside, but did not give Theodore any change.

“This place is creepy and smells like a barn,” Amanda noted five steps into the hallway.

A light called to visitors, guiding them further and further down the path.  Signs dotted the walls with phrases like, “the flightless shall touch the sky,” and “the ground cannot hold back hope,” whatever that meant.

One more curtain was pushed aside and the final chamber of mysterious building revealed the final secret.

Theodore and Amanda were torn between confusion, anger and amusement.

“Is that a chicken on a trampoline?” Theodore asked.

“They did kinda’ give it flight,” Amanda said.

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