And now…

And now….haiku (by someone who really does not understand the format).

No, my skull never
Really stood a chance against
The sharp cabinet door.

Octopus swimming,
Floating in my direction
Screaming; I can’t stop.

Ouch! Ouch! Friggin’ ouch!
I am always such a clutz.
Yeah! Hospital trip.

Snowy mountain peak
A sign of winter coming
Where are the yeti?

Car ran out of gas.
Walking now to the station.
Triple A past due.

Staring out the window
At a parking lot below
Birds overhead; no!

DND campaign
defeating orcs and wizards
cursing at my dice.

I forgot to do
The laundry; now in trouble
Sleeping on the couch.

Once there was a dog
Who stayed up all night barking.
‘Cause that’s what dogs do.

Overcooked dinner.
Should have read the recipe.
Calling out for ‘za.


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


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