From the Spooky Archives: The Tough Part

While I hope to return to new content soon, spooky story month will continue with what is undoubtedly the scariest tale I have ever woven.  From December, here is The Tough Part:


Cake. Chocolate cake. Thick frosting covering every available millimeter of the surface. Obtaining the illustrious food was easy. The tough part? Finding a place to eat even the tiniest piece where the kids would not discover him.

The cake was secured; sneaked into the house under cover of, “just grabbing some boring stuff from the car!” Hidden in the back of a darkened cabinet until the moment arrived when the sugar filled delicacy could be devoured.

Bed time arrived, the kids fast asleep.  He stepped into the kitchen, pulled the cake from its plastic casing and…

“Dad? What’s that sound?”



How do they know? How!

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