This Post is Just Six Words Long

The joy of six words at a time. Mini stories here we come!

Fast food wrapper, so fast forgotten.

The chimpanzee gave pretty fair warning.

Clock watchers watching clocks clock watches.

Web surfing through the night; classic.

Justifiably, the parents hid the remote.

Overdue library book; guilt for eternity.

The egg-salad gave pretty fair warning.

Sitting down; for a mobile game.

Bon Jovi is just not good.  <-not a story, just need to express this as often as possible.

Hungry hippos arrived; left well fed.

If marshmallow prices get any higher…

Study abroad provided many unspeakable stories.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “This Post is Just Six Words Long

  1. Great one! An idea: In the end instead of writing thank you for reading, write Thank you for reading this post!(six words long)


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