New Path

This month has been all about changes. My oldest started kindergarten, my wife started a new job, my toddler moved to a new room at daycare. He’s still a toddler, but in a different room. To top it off, Friday (tomorrow!) will be my last day at my job of the last six years.

Six years. Since I took this job I’ve become a father, written a number of books, finished my masters, got into hobby wood working, make my own bread; I became a friggin’ adult in the last six years.

Six years does not sound much time. I studied rocks far too much to believe that six years matters at all in the long run. But good golly six years matters a lot.

The path ahead is full of adventure.  Another six years of growth stands ahead of us!

And in six years we’ll have tweens at home!

The path ahead is looking more daunting by the minute.


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