Movie Trailers

(Action movie trailer voice)  “This horse has to be on that plane!”

“Sir, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Don’t you understand this four legged equine is going to save the President?”

“Does it have a ticket?”

This summer see Air Horse One….Don’t Miss Your Gait.

(Rom-Com movie trailer voice) John is having a rough day.  Marie is not making it any easier.

“I just cart around rubber circles all day, Marie!”

“That’s not true, John, you do so much *wheeley* good work.”

“You’re right, darling.  I love you.  Perhaps I’m just…”  Tired

Coming this December.


(Heist movie trailer voice)

“You can’t steal from the Louvre! That’s impossible!”

“Not if we have a plan, man.”

“You’re suggesting we become paintings?”

To pull of the picture perfect heist, first these cat burglars have to be Framed


(Inspirational movie trailer voice) The world was not ready.

“I, Carlo Smith, have a dream to combine two wildly different pursuits to create the greatest game the world has ever seen.”

The world thought he was crazy.

“You’re crazy, Carlo!”

The world was wrong.

“He kinda’ pulled that off.”

This summer, expect the unexpected as Carlo Smith shows the world that flutes and touchdowns create a symphony of emotion.  Fluteball this March.  Based roughly on a true story one of our producers made up.


(Action movie trailer)

“We have to follow them to stop them.”

“We don’t have the training for this.”

When called to rise to the occassion? What would you do?

“We have no other choice.”

When there’s no way out, what would you do?

“We’re pigs not spies!”

When you’re a pig and not a spy, what would you do?”

“Today we’re both”

This February prepare yourself for a re-imagining of Animal Farm like you’ve never seen.  Pig Tails.  Rated R.


Thanks for reading!


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