Take a Gander

“You know why I got into this business?” Buck was about to impart some knowledge on his summer college intern.

“Because you wanted to see the world?” Trystian had heard this before.

Buck sipped his coffee then muttered, “because I wanted to see the world. Very good.  I never got to do that though.  I own an airfield, not an airplane.  Bills, contracts and being the only guy with a key to the vending machines kept me near my desk for 35 years.  Don’t let that happen to you, kiddo.  Take a plane somewhere once in awhile.  You’ll be happier for it.”

Trystian looked to his mentor with curious eyes, “what has kept you in the business so long then?”

Buck chuckled and pointed out the window.  Ten thousand geese had taken hold of the landing strip.  The honking echoed through the hills.  Molting feathers flew skyward, blocking the sun.

“Because once a year these little beasts sit on my airfield and stop air travel for the entire western hemisphere for a day and that is hilarious,” Buck broke into a devious laugh.

Trystian was not sure if this was something he would include in his final paper.


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