Common Conversations with My Toddler

The joy of putting on pajamas…

Pajama time, buddy! Climb on the bed and let’s put on your jams.


Good job! Ready? Let’s start with…

Oh no I fall down!

That’s just laying down. Can you try to be still?

I fall doooooooooooowwwwwn

Focus big guy, jammy pants and sleep diaper first.  I need you to not be flailing around right now.

Help me, daddy!

Okay, but you have to be still.


I very much do not believe you.

Stop kicking me and laughing about it.

Kick daddy!

Stop it.


Pants are next, diaper is done. Sit still and once your pants are on you can have a pacifier.

I stand up

No, don’t stand up that’s an incredible impediment.

I fall down agaaaaaiiiiinnnn!

I’m having your mother finish this process.



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