Wallace on the Run

Rain gathered in pools reflecting flickering lights from street lamps above.  The storm seemed to go on for hours and showed no sign of letting up soon.  That was comforting to Wallace.  He could hide in the rain.

Running through back alleys was nothing new to the accomplished thief.  Running from henchmen of local crime lord, and his former boss, Hummingbird Klein, was a new experience.  He would have been just fine not having this on his resume.

He found himself huddled against a dumpster, waiting for the tell tale sounds of running footsteps or angry grunts the goons would be making as a form of communication.  The dumpster smelled of fried food, sending his stomach into a frenzy.  Food was always getting him into trouble.

He heard nothing other than his own shallow breaths; in, out.  His nose was running a bit, but he dared not sniff and run the risk of betraying his position.  Water rolled from the brim of his cap only adding to the down pouring curtain around him.  His pulse raced ever faster as the thought of being caught overcame him.  He needed to reach a dock, any dock in this city of piers and ports, hop in a freight container and flee as far as he could.  Hummingbird had a reach, but the world was big enough for one little criminal to sneak away.

He hoped his optimism was not unfounded.

Sure that he had evaded his pursuers, Wallace stood from his dumpster side position and started to run.

He ran into a breathing wall wearing a ten dollar tie.

“Wally,” the wall said, pulling Wallace off the ground.  “You bounced.  I’d laugh if this was a pleasant situation.”

Wallace’s heart sank.  The goons had been behind him the whole time.  He’d be embarrassed if this was a pleasant situation.

“Was it worth it?” The wall asked.  “All this over an ice cream treat?”

A black sedan with window tint bordering on illegal pulled up blocking the alley.

“I’d do it again,” Wallace said as the wall lead him to the waiting car.

“You probably won’t get the chance,” the wall assured him.


In Wallace’s defense, they did ask what he would do.  He answered.


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