Leroy’s App

“You guys know how parties are the worst, right?” Leroy started.  His dorm-mates turned away from their computer screens.  He had their attention.

“Right, so we’re in agreement.  I think I have a way to make them more bearable.  Open your phones.  I’ve installed a new app on each of them.  It’s called Hors D’oeuvre.”

“How did you install an app on all of our password protected phones?” Alik asked.

“That’s far from the important part.  Open the app,” Leroy instructed.

“What does select mode mean?” Daev questioned from his corner of the couch.

“Ok, select mode one to be presented with a premade topic from the standard pool of conversation starters or mode two for a randomly generated topics,” Leroy said.  He was sitting in a chair in the middle of the dorm doing an A.C. Slater impression.

“Nice, Leroy, a conversation topic generator app is a great idea,” Daev was pleased so far.

“I took most of the mode one options off the internet.  Someone pick mode two!” Leroy was most proud of his random generator.

Daev, Alik and Stephan, who was oddly silent to this point, exchanged worried glances as their first suggestions from mode two popped up on screen.

“Did you run testing on mode two?” Stephan asked.

“A few runs, yeah,” Leroy said.

“My topic prompt is, ‘how many frogs do you think it would take to eat Australia?'” Daev said, confused.

“I got, ‘Have you ever seen a moon beam on a squirrel’s tail?’ Those are diurnal creatures.” Alik said.

“‘Is there any truth to the rumor?’ That’s literally all my prompt says.” Stephan said.

Leroy laughed, “see! Random! Parties are going to be so much more fun now.”

“Well, he’s not wrong,” Daev said, pushing for another prompt.


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