The Car Alarm

Bleep Bleeeeeeep Eep Eep Eep

“Oh for crying out loud, I didn’t even touch you, stupid car,” Mark chided the silver Mazda in the parking space next to his car.  The alarm paid Mark’s words no heed.

Onk Onk Onk Ankh

“That last one always sounds different,” Mark said lauging, moving groceries from his cart to the trunk.

Whoooooo Whooooo Whooo ever Controls the Ankh Control All of Time and Space

Mark started paying attention to the alarm.  “That’s a new one,” he said quietly.

Wee-ooo Wee-ooo We Need You To Save the Ankh Stranger 

Mark’s eyebrows shot skyward and he pointed a finger at himself.  “You talking to me, car?”

Ankh Ankh Find the Ankh Ankh

Mark, confused and worried, looked through the parking lot to see if any one else had noticed the strange words coming from the vehicle’s alert system.  “Does anyone know where the owner of this Mazda might be?” He shouted his question out to an empty lot.  “Anybody? No?”

Whoooo Whoooo Shall Take On the Task Ankh Ankh Ankh

This…this is too much,” Mark muttered.  He tossed the rest of his groceries into the trunk, forgetting any proper protocol when it came to egg placement, started his car and drove off.

Behind an oak tree at the edge of the parking lot a long haired lady, inexplicably wearing a researcher’s lab coat in 90 degree summer heat, put her face into frame of her camera phone’s shot.  “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said into the camera, “I have figured out how to make car alarms relevant deterrents to automobile tampering.  Behold! Cryptic Car Chorus 3000.  An investment portfolio will be presented to you shortly.”


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