Junk Drawer List

There are some things in life that would be neat to see, but not exactly worth purposely seeking out.  Like a really crazy snow globe collection in some corner store in Ohio; I’m not driving to Ohio for snow globes, but if I was getting pizza across the street, I’d probably hop over and put greasy finger prints on an Elvis themed confetti orb.  You just know Elvis will be present.

Now I’m thinking of other things that would be neat to see, but not so neat to see as to make it happen..  A junk drawer list, if you will.

A hot dog eating contest narrated by a UFC commentary team.  Conversely, a golf commentator’s take on the situation would be equally amusing.

A crayon factory tour would be hard to pass up.

Seagulls sharing a bag of bread as the original human owner looks on in disgust.

Training for the person that takes prison mug shot photos.  Does aperture setting matter? I must know (so long as it is not too out of the way).

A cobbler at the end of their career and is just so done with shoes.

I”m pretty sure the Hoover Dam exists for just this sort of situation.

I’d walk through a museum dedicated to variations of paisley patterns on a dare.  That would be a dizzying experience.

People in old timey pirate costumes playing lawn darts.  Audience approval shown by way of “arrghs!”

A punk band with lead mandolin.  That one might actually be a bucket list item.  That would be awesome.

Any shop dedicated strictly to juggling.  No extras.  Just juggling.  That shop owner would have some stories to tell.

Restaurants in rural towns with parking lots full of enormous trucks.  There be dragons*.   *dragons = chicken fried steak worth having a heart attack over.

A warehouse full of discarded HAM radio equipment.  …I have my reasons.


There’s my junk drawer list.  Life’s lazy adventures await.



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