Introducing “Shop”

The time has come.  I’m quickly approaching the “if any more photos are used I need to find buy extra storage” part of this blog’s life.  Thus, I have to try to make the blog pay for itself.  Yippee!

There will be a new section on the site.  I poured every ounce of my authorship skills into titling it, believe me.  The new section is called: shop.  Clever.

Ye Olde Shoppe

Interestingly, ‘ye olde’ is a term dated to the late 19th century.  Not that ‘olde’ at all it turns out.

In the shop you will find quick links to:

 Amazon where you can buy my always just $1 books.

 Society6 to buy yourself the smartest insensitive coffee cups imaginable.

Fiverr to hire me for a commissioned bit of writing.

New coffee cup designs are going to made available every week and other items will soon be rolling out from that link.

Lots of stuff in the works, so check back often.  You can also follow me on Facebook for quick updates.  Twitter too, but I really don’t understand Twitter.

I very much appreciate all my readers and visitors and hope to provide you with lots of fun stuff to read here for years to come.  And now you can read it drinking coffee from a coffee cup designed by me! Vertical integration for the win!  Thank you all.


Comments welcome!

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