People in the Meadow


I stood in a meadow, trying not to sneeze, watching my sons run up and down a dirt path.  The meadow was gorgeous, mountains surrounded us, somewhere a bear was eating a picnic basket I’m sure, and I couldn’t help but think of all the people who have stood in the exact same place and what they did there.

Like Jason who in the fall of 1993 stood there and played the entire Gordon album by Bare Naked Ladies five times through.

Meredith who at the age of eight, in 1992, launched a bouncy-ball over the second peak on the right.  She still says it was awesome.

In the summer of 2002, James Easton and Jamal McDonnell, brothers in Omega Psi, promised ‘the party of the century’ would take place in this very meadow.  They arrived with ten cases of Natty Lite, a week’s worth of hot dogs and hamburgers, more red Solo cups than reasonable, a grill they had no idea how to use, and the house’s car.  The house’s only car.

Lestor Wright, a tax lawyer, came to this spot in 1965.  He stood in this very spot with a home made telescope and discovered an asteroid.  It will nearly miss the earth in 3013.  He called it “Amy” after his wife.  She too was very good at arriving late and just missing destinations.

Hamilton Winslow was here just last year.  He’s an advocate for the three day work week.  The movement would be more widely discussed if he didn’t insist on the night shift.

Dr. Wanda Boyd learned she had won a prestigious grant and came to this spot for quiet reflection in 1983.  She cured a disease with the funding.  She then cut a pop-country album, but she mostly talks about curing a disease at dinner parties now.

Ruth Dupont stood a little closer to the fence and shot tin cans back in 1933.  The sound rattled through the empty valley and gave rise to the local monster myth involving a flying over sized bat like creature that says “ping ping ping” before it strikes.  There were maybe five people living in the area at the time, monster tales did not need to be too well fleshed out.

And countless others.  Mostly people trying not to sneeze though.  There was so much pollen.


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