Short Stories Again

A long time ago (February) I wrote a bunch of six word stories and have long meant to get back to the idea.  It is quite fun working within such a limit.  But I procrastinate; all the time.  <- There’s one! Does that count? I’m counting it.

Let’s try some more:

Gas station hot dogs brought regret.

Nursing home visit missed once more.

Forgot my keys, found them together.

Stubbed toe taught children new words.

Reason for visit? Overheated laptop battery.

My stay was lacking, thank you.

Took the broken bicycle downhill. Whoops.

The aliens promised such great things.

The papers blamed too much television.

I bought a vacuum.  It sucked.

The candle burned as vandals played.

Hindenburg tickets? Free? Wow, thank you!

I passed on early Apple stock.

Late fees caught up to me.




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