Steampunk Villain Generator

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What sort of nefarious foe walks the streets of your hero’s realm?  Is it the frightful Wizard Blackbeard, stepping away from their library with their mysterious briefcase surrounded by their lackeys?  Perhaps, after checking her skull faced pocket watch, Friar Tew and her acolytes have slipped out of their ritual circle in the woods and heading to town to cause trouble?

Use the generator here to create a nemesis, a fiend so devilish that only the mechanical arm of the law can bring them to a stop.

Bonus, all the ‘family names’ are taken from actual pirates.  Some were really terrible people and using their names for entertainment purposes felt weird, but they’re all 300 to 400 years dead. .  Some were just really good at stealing big boats and others created ship borne democracies and saved islands from oppression.  Research away!


Now that there’s a villain, click here to make your own steampunk persona set to foil their dastardly plots!

And you cannot forget to name your airship (or submersible, or giant crawling robot train, or boat with hydraulics? Steampunk is awesome).



I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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