New Street Signs


“What the crap is this?” Jago asked.

“The pedicab sign?” Jo needed clarification.

Jago sighed.  He knew his old stomping grounds had changed, but the pedicab sign changed confirmed his fears.  “You remember growing up around here?  Signs were all about no skateboarding, no loitering, no this and no that.”

“Pedicab is progress then, right?” Jo pondered.

“It used to be walking around here meant having a blade in your pocket.  You wouldn’t dare make eye contact with a stranger on the sidewalk.  Even that coffee place we went to was known for its “what cha’ want?” service and kinda’ dirty mugs.” Jago said, his eyes fixed on the pedicab sign.

“It was a rough place,” Jo had no idea what the pedicabs had triggered in her old friend.

“It was a place that built character.  Now people hop into a cart behind a bicycle without question? No.  That’s not what this place should be.  This is a reverse Mad Max situation and I am not happy about this,” Jago could have cried as he made the most eloquent speech of his life.

“Are you sure you’re not just made the old coffee place is now a yoga studio?” Jo asked.

Joga hit his tipping point, “I once saw a waiter pour an entire coffee pot on a customer for saying ‘please’ sarcastically! You think a yogi is going to berate someone for doing downward facing dog wrong? This neighborhood has lost is spirit.”

I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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