The Amazing Rebecca’s Most Daring Act

Some part of her knew this was a bad idea.  Not any part that she listened to, but a part nonetheless.

The biplane’s engines roared to life and the pilot gave her a thumbs-up.  It was time.  The plane’s red wings glistened in the sun like a wet hot dog cart.  She was hungry and analogies were difficult.

“Okay there, Becky, time to make with the good air,” she mumbled. Secure in the fact that the backpack would not slip away mid-air, she climbed atop the wings of the plane.

She learned an important lesson that afternoon, one that changed her career.  Juggling was cool.  Juggling objects when they were on fire was cool too.  Juggling flaming objects while standing on the wings of a classic airship was conceptually cool.  In practice, it just meant dropping flaming objects on an adoring crowd below.

Rebecca learned to request audience members sign waivers before taking their seats.



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