The Snowman Strikes Again

Highball glass in hand, Eldon stared out his 45th floor office window.  Lightning filled the night sky as he watched rain drops pass him by making their way to the ground below.  Summer storms had rolled through town for a week straight, always waiting until nightfall to begin their concert of water and light.  Always waiting until just before he was heading out of the office.

Eldon knew this was far from coincidental, some oddity of nature.  He knew to eliminate coincidence because these storms could only have been created by a machine he built in his own laboratory.  A machine that had been stolen by none other than city’s second most feared super villain, The Snowman.

Eldon knew the villain by a different name; Bobby Cline.  The two were once roommates during their engineering days at university.  Both had an affinity for risks, a part of each of them always wanted to feel ‘the rush’ that came with breaking rules.  For four years they worked side by side harnessing their skill with machines.  Diplomas in hand they took to their city to make names for themselves and be thorns in the side of Astonishing Ace, the local flying, punching hero type.

Eldon fast became the city’s most feared villain with bank heists, moon beams, and always being able to avoid capture.  He cast a large shadow.  One which Bobby Cline could not escape.  Their friendship fell apart.  They became rivals, then enemies, then moved back to rivals following a quick lunch of hamburgers three years ago in which neither could really remember why they were mad at each other, then frenemies when The Snowman used one of Eldon’s machines to tunnel under Fort Knox like a Bond bad guy.  Eldon was pleased his friend was successful, but angry that at no point did The Snowman mention the dastardly tool was brought into this world by the mind of The Maniacal Madman, Eldon’s villainous alter ego.

The relationship grew and the two remain in Christmas card contact and take turns hosting Independence Day barbecue parties for their families.  Now the two spend most of their time not plotting great feats of evil or mapping their path to criminal stardom, nor do they pay much attention to their mutual foe Astonishing Ace.

No, the two now spend their time as so many old, bored friends do; pranking the ever loving day lights out of each other in more and more elaborate ways.

There stood Eldon, the most feared villain his city had ever known, in an office for a company he created as a front for his diabolical misdeeds, waiting for the rain to clear so his driver could finally take him home.

He swished his glass of scotch, brought it to his lips and just before taking a sip muttered, “It must be driving him mad that I did not install a snow feature.”  Eldon smiled and finished his drink.



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