Terrance was Lost

Terrance was lost.  Horribly, terrifyingly lost a thousand miles from home.  His summer abroad had taken an odd turn.

He started his day chipper, in a kayak on a calm river.  The river’s outlook on the day changed and Terrance found himself well off course and stuck in a sandbank by lunch time.  To matters worse, the river at his lunch.  His outlook on the day changed too.

The river was flanked on either beach by a forest.  Each tree bigger than the next and it seemed to crawl to the horizon seen when standing another horizon.  Terrance was happy to walk into the trees and put the river behind him. 

Lunch stealing monster Terrance thought as he climbed from the shore to the treeline.  He did have his beloved iPhone with him still.  It had survived the water and Terrance’s own wild thrashing about to get out of the water.  Not to his surprise, the phone did not have a signal though.  He had never been to a place without a signal.

He looked to the sun and followed it east.  He started the day in that direction, he hoped walking that way would bring him nearer his camp.

Hours passed and sunlight was beginning to wane. To keep the fear at bay, he played quick games on his fast dying cell phone.  The trees grew taller and the grass thicker.  He imagined this section of the earth had not been traveled by human feet in thousands of years.  Here, only birds chirped and bugs ran over felled logs.

He came to the crest of a tall hill and when he saw what awaited him at the bottom, he smiled.

A town.  Not a very modern town, likely no wifi, but a town nonetheless.  A few houses and a central pit just being set ablaze for the evening meal.  He raced down the hill, nearly stumbling on more than one occasion, hoping he had found rescue so desperately sought.

“Hello!” He shouted.  The sound of his voice distracted the townsfolk from the fire pit and soon, Terrance commanded the attention of the entire village.

“Hi, hello, I’m lost and in great need of a sandwich or the like,” he said.  He held his hands up, phone screen still bright with his game, and hoped for the best.

Blank faces looked at him.  Language barrier thought Terrance I really should take a class.

One of the town’s children ran to him.  “Oh, awesome, you understand me?” He wondered.  He knelt down to meet the child.  The child took his phone.

“Angry Birds!” the kid informed his young friends as they all circled around.

“That game is everywhere,” Terrance said.

An elder approached and extended her hand to shake Terrance’s, “You surprised, us, young one.  Don’t get many visitors out here.  Let alone those bearing Angry Birds.  Kids love those little pigs getting knocked down.  Stay for dinner then John will take you back to the city.”

“Wow, thanks.  Any chance you can help me get my phone back too?” Terrance said with a laugh.

“They’ll beat the whole thing in an hour or two.  I’ve learned better than to come between them and their games.  They become angrier than that river,” the elder cautioned.  Terrance heeded the advice.  He wanted nothing to do with yet another temperamental river.



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