Ron the Robot Has a Secret

“What in the world is that buzzing sound?” Asked a curious, but annoyed, Emma.

“Oh! You have to see this thing I picked up at an office auction,” an excited Gomez said.  He set his cup of coffee down on the table, pushing aside some accounting ledgers and calculators.  The books could wait.

Into the room rolled a tiny autonomous disc shaped vacuum.

“Ron coming through,” the robot, named Ron, said as it passed the doorway into the conference room.

“It talks?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah it does.  It was a steal too.  The auction house said it had been in storage for years.  They were happy to see it go and I was happy to,” Gomez stopped mid-sentence.

The robot was smashing itself into the conference table over and over again, each thud against the table leg brought the all important ledgers closer and closer to the edge of the table.

“Ron! Stop!” Gomez said as Emma pulled the robo-vacuum away from the table.

“I noticed the presence of accounting documents.  I would be happy to shred those for you,” The robot’s spoke.

“What? No.  Why would you do that?” Emma asked.

“Programming,” the vacuum replied.  Gomez and Emma did not know what else to expect in reply.

Emma held the robot and noticed a brand sticker on the underside of the machine.  “Gomez, take a look at this,” she commanded.

“Robot, were you named after En-ron?” Gomez asked.

“Yes.  Enron was my maker,” the puck shaped robot answered.

“Oh my goodness, Gomez, how old is this vacuum cleaner?” Emma asked.

Gomez replied in shock. “almost as old as this reference.”



Thanks for reading! And remember, we are all responsible for proper document disposal compliance.


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