Suburban Nightmare

I took a bit of a writing break this weekend in favor of family, food and fence construction.  One thing I did not expect from the long weekend was a new found disdain for sleeping in, because, in an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning my (current) greatest fears converged to make themselves a regular Freddy Kruger.  

As I age, my dreams are becoming more and more mundane.  I kid you not this dream that rattled me to my core began with finally getting a company to show up and clean up the massive oak tree in my front yard.  Exciting stuff.

As the tree-trimming truck pulled into position, the next element of the dream presented itself in the form of twin toddlers.  To those parents who have survived twin toddlers, my compliments.  My hair turned grayer just thinking of the task.  One of the toddlers, an adorable little girl because at least my kids turn out to be adorable little monsters, found her way to a sprinkler head in the front yard.

The toddler just tore into the sprinkler head, dug it out of the ground, yanked it from its riser and sent water soaring skyward  (I know this is not how sprinklers work, but sleeping me does not apparently).  I ran to the toddler to get her out of the mess of mud and water and we ran to the back yard to turn off the water.

We get to the water main and she breaks it in half.  More water.  As this problem comes about, two more characters join the cast.  Two black labs run around the corner of the yard and start lapping up the water.

We are an animal free home in part because of my allergies, but mostly my displeasure in picking up droppings.  Two dogs showing up was pretty much the last straw for this particular nightmare and I woke up.

So this weekend I learned that my fears are 1) more toddlers, 2) animal guardianship and 3) sprinkler repair.  Individually, they can almost all be handled by stronger coffee.  Together they’re a Power Ranger Megazord of disaster.



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