Toddler: The Immovable Object

My oldest asked for a goal post for all the various ball-in-net games he enjoys. Lacrosse, soccer, LaSoccer (the dangerous hybrid of both), he’s a big fan of sport. He’ll grow out of it (’cause he’s my kid), but for now it is an amazing way to ensure he goes to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

Building a net required some work. It’s a goal post, so nothing too fancy.  Six boards, but saws had to come out.  This is stuff usually best accomplished with kids far away.

That is generally when kids want to occupy the exact space you need them to be away from.  The five year old, for whom the net was being constructed, could not care less about what I was doing.  The toddler was a regular foreman though.

My wife put the netting into place (we used bird netting and cable ties to keep it all together -the kid won’t care about the net in a few weeks, so we’re not dedicating too many resources to the net), and the toddler spent most of the time standing exactly as he was in the picture above.  That is; totally in the way.

Could not move him though.  Nope.  That green thing in his hand is a water spray bottle.  Whenever I asked if he could move out of the way he replied, “no” and squirted water at my face.  He thinks I’m a cat who needs to stay off the furniture.  It is very difficult to not laugh in that situation.  He won the day and he knew it.

Toddlers, man.


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