The Imposter Syndrome Is Strong With This One

There’s a small voice in the back of every writer’s head that keeps saying, “nope.  You’re not really that good at this.”  I call this voice Gartowe.  Gartowe needs to be silenced.  I silence Gartowe by writing dumb stories and lame puns then getting to work on longer form projects.  No matter what though, Gartowe comes back, louder and pointing out grammar mistakes.

A big help in keeping Gartowe quiet is you, dear reader.  There’s quite a confidence boost that comes from someone reading the goofy words I put up on this site.  Thanks to you, I have grown more and more confident with my writing and have actually branched out beyond writing for just this blog.

I’ll be keeping Gartowe quiet as a contributor over at  I’ll be writing Netflix related stories from reviewing Netflix Originals to doing quick news posts (like my first one right here).  Project-Nerd is a great page dedicated to comics, cosplay, conventions and general nerd culture.  I’ve been reading it since they did a profile on my dad’s land speeder themed stroller, aka the LandStroller.

Reviews will be quite different from my “Writing Lessons from Bad Movies” format, but hopefully still fun and informative.  I’ll be sure to post links via my Facebook page as I post more articles, news, and reviews.

I am very excited to take part in the website.  If not for your readership I would not have had the confidence to even attempt to take my writing outside of my very tiny corner of the internet.  Thank you for helping me silence Gartowe, think I might not actually suck at this, and do what I really like to do; poorly end blog posts.

4 thoughts on “The Imposter Syndrome Is Strong With This One

  1. Congrats on the new endeavor! That’s really cool, and now I have a new web site to check out.

    My inner critic takes on the shape of Ian McShane as Al Swearengen on ‘Deadwood’. It’s a miracle I get anything done at all between not knowing whether to laugh, cry, or run away, crapping myself in terror. I tried replacing him with Helen Mirren once…it didn’t help.

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  2. Congrats on the new project! Silencing my inner critic is one of my goals that I’m working very hard to accomplish and I’m doing it by trying to not overthink my writing before I hit that Publish button! Good luck to you!

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